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Meditation of the Heart

As we stand with the Lord, the King of Kings, with the one who holds the victory…let us rejoice. He is the present help for such a time as this. It is in him that we shall place our hope and pleasure. It is in him that we find safety and protection. It is in him that we find comfort. Know that God is your refuge. Know that whatever you are going through today has to submit itself to your God.

It is now that we pray…Lord, I thank you that your name is above all names; that you are the Most High God. You are a great God. You are greater than anything that may come against me. You are my refuge and my strength and I need you the more. Lord, I know you as able, as a mighty warrior who goes before me. I know you as healer, redeemer and hope. So touch me right now in my place of unbelief, of weakness and hold me until my morning comes. Oh, touch me right now Jesus and hold me until my morning comes. Oh, yes, Lord…until my morning comes.

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