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Meditation of the Heart

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

When God sees our desire for him, he will reveal the more his desires for us. It is here, as he reveals his will, his desires that we will rejoice in him. It is in this secret place that God will acknowledge his pleasure.

There is a place in the inner most of man, a secret place, where the spirit of the God seeks to fill with his presence. It is here that God acknowledges us as his own. It is here that he heals us, he restores us, he keeps us in perfect peace. It is in this place that the Lord our God provides and where he reveals, where he manifests his words, his promises.

It is truly God who establishes our future. We must believe that God is the beginning and the end of our lives for us to understand and believe this truth. We must believe God to be the keeper of our souls. As we seek the Lord, by our study of his word, by our prayers, by our committing time and space to hear his voice…let us do so in spirit and in truth for he knows the heart. He cannot be deceived.

Let us worship and serve the Lord each day as if it was our last. For we know not the day or the hour of his return. Worry not for tomorrow, but today, we are called to seek the will and purpose of God. He will reveal to us his plans for us; he will establish our future; he will call it to manifest before our very eyes if he so chooses. It is in this moment that we will receive…just as clay is in the hands of man so are we in the hands of God. We take clay into our hands with a desired purpose, a desired end. We have to work with it patiently and carefully to get it soft and usable. As we begin to roll and mold it…we don’t always get it shaped, formed quite right the first time. So, we have to break off some pieces and mash on some spots. We must begin to smooth it out here and a little bit over there. As we work with the clay, it begins to feel warm in our hands and we become confident that things are finally working out for the good. We share a moment where our will for the clay becomes a part of the clay itself. We release our grip on it a bit for we now see that the clay has taken the desired form. So, it is with God when he holds us, leads us and transforms us. In his love, grace and mercy…we are wonderfully made in his hands.

As for our future and our desires, God knows best. He has promised us many great wonders if only we believe. It is the Lord our God who gives us hope. It is by faith that we receive his comfort and his blessed assurance of a future established for his glory, established by his mighty right hand.

Let’s Pray

Lord, as you have done in the lives of your people who have gone before us, help us to trust you. Help us, Father, to lean and depend on you. Help us to seek your face in all things. Then Lord, help our area of unbelief, our area that we just don’t trust you with. Help us to let it go, to freely give it to you so that our faith and hope in you may be made complete. Lord, create in us a clean heart, renew our mind and fortify us in your word, in your promises so that we may be strong. Help us Father, in Jesus name. Amen.

Meditation of the Heart

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