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Meditation of the Heart

The miracles…the mysteries…the truths…the essence and being of God the Father are revealed …made known to man by way of God the Son, Jesus Christ. He is engaged in the heart of man by the works of the Holy Spirit daily. Why walk in shame before man…when you can walk in the glory of God?

No more shackles. No more chains. No more blame. Live in the love, mercy, grace and forgiveness of God. It is here that there is no more defeat for the victory lies with the Lord our God.

It is here that things begin to change…the places we go, the things that we say and don’t say, the way we feel and no longer feel, the way we think and the way we behave…they all change when we come into the revelation of God. Our heart is renewed as we learn to let go and let God have his way in our lives.

When we can’t go any longer alone…know that we don’t have to because God is able and willing. He will go with us and he will stand for us. He will strengthen us with courage and assurance. But, we must try him. Let each of us try him for ourselves so that we may develop a personal desire to not be enslaved by sin but to be free in his love. For where God is, there is liberty.

True freedom comes when we know our enemy. Our enemy is not flesh and blood but it is the spirit of darkness, Satan. We must pray daily that the Lord would continue to deliver us from evil. We are then called to keep ourselves in the love of God. We are kept in the love of God when we study his word and live in obedience to his call. It is here that we live out our faith and continue to pray daily in spirit and in truth. We are also called to be strong in the Lord. It is here that we have a dependence and trust in him like no other. We will not fear but walk in his courage and might. We will acknowledge the work, the power and authority of the cross and thereby live in the victory of the spirit already founded in the Lord Jesus Christ. Finally, we will walk the walk, the path that Jesus has lay before us. We will not venture to the left nor to the right but we will keep pressing toward the mark of a higher calling…that mark is Jesus, our savior, our redeemer, our teacher and our friend. Amen.

Author Gavis Mosley 7/25/2020

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