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Let It Blow

Dear Lord, thank you for this day. As I meditate on you, quicken in me this simple truth, as you are for me, I need not fear anything that may come against me. As long as I am in you, I will not fall nor fail. As long as I am in you, I am more than a conqueror, for my name is victory. Lord, help me to not focus on those things around me but to keep my eyes on you. Lord, help me on this day to not be afraid but to be encouraged in you.

Take Courage. It is I. Don’t be afraid.

What a profound command. Who, may I ask, can speak with such authority and assurance? Who dare to command you to have courage when fear has you bound? Who is it who can wipe away your tears? Who is it, who can calm, speak peace to your troubled mind? Who is it, who can regulate a broken heart? Who is it who can restore relationships for the better? He is none other than Jesus.

I was recently privileged to hear a word from God regarding “a contrary wind.” My spirit was quickened at the topic. I was immediately in tune to what God had for me on this given day.

Allow me to share with you…the text was taken from Matthew chapter 14. For you see, Jesus has just heard of the beheading of John the Baptist. He had gone away from the city to a remote place by boat. No doubt, he needed to get away to pray to the Father. But when he got to land, he saw that many had followed him to this place on foot. He had compassion on them and began to minister to them as well as heal the sick. It was here where he blessed a small lunch and fed 5000. Jesus once again needed to retreat to pray. He sent the disciples away by boat and he then dismissed the crowd. While the disciples sailed away; Jesus went up on a mountain side to pray. Later in the night, Jesus looked down and saw that his disciples were fighting a “contrary wind.” They were being tossed and shaken by waves that were beating violently against the boat. And they were so afraid…

Jesus, as our Lord, is aware of every situation that may come against us. He is ultimately in control of all things. Let us not be confused or mistaken; we must understand that God allows us to go through things in order that he may be revealed to us. Adverse changes are blessings that come into our lives so that we are able to see and know the promise that is found in an unchanging, ever constant and present God. It is through life experiences that we are afforded the opportunity to encounter the hand of God, his power and his majesty. When we come to know God (receive his love) we are able to believe that there is nothing to hard for him.

Just as the storm in the text was frightening to the disciples, so it is with us in the sea of life. In order that we are not consumed, we must keep our eyes and minds focused on those things of God and know that he is near. We will encounter all sorts of danger and change; but, we have a Savior, his name is Jesus. He is just a cry, a prayer away.

We should not wait until we are in a circumstance to seek him. We should seek him daily, in and out of circumstance. In doing so, when we do face adversity or change, we will be able to call to our remembrance his presence in our lives. Our remembrance will cause us not to faint but to speak boldly of our God who is able. We serve a God who command the winds to part the Red Sea while his people crossed over on dry land. He will rescue you. We serve a God who can make a savage, hungry lion (the king of the jungle) lie down and be your pillow. He is the King of Kings. We serve a God who will allow you to be faced with a fiery situation and bring you out cool as a cucumber. We serve a God who will deliver you from the pit of life and bring you out white as snow. We serve a God who will turn a lying tongue into a minister of his word. We serve a living God who will change the ways of a worldly man or woman and make him/her the “pick of the litter”. Without a doubt, our God is able. We must know this in our heart. Knowing God is a matter of the heart. We are to hide his word in our heart so that we may think on them day and night. In doing so, his word becomes a lamp to our feet, our direction, our guide, a part of us. We will be more driven by his word than by the breeze of our emotions. We will not be tossed by every wind that comes upon us. And when that day comes when the “contrary wind” blows, we will be able to stand under the authority of the word of our Savior and speak ever so boldly, with authority and assurance…Peace, be still. As a believer, we are covered by the word of God. Take courage. God is near at all times. Don’t be afraid. Be encouraged by the words of the Lord.

Remember Joshua Chapter 1, as God was sending him into the promise land; he told him to not be afraid for he was with him. Likewise, he is with us. He promised Joshua protection and victory over his enemy. He told him that he would never leave him or forget him on his journey. As well, he command Joshua to meditate on him, his word, at all times. In other words “keep your focus on me, and my word and who you are in me and I got you.” If it worked for Joshua, it will work for me and for you. Let it blow.

Keep your eyes on God…let the contrary wind blow. It cannot compare nor defeat the word of God. Psalms 121 says “I lift up my eyes to the hills (not to my troubles), where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth. He will not let my feet slip for he watches over me. He will keep all harm from me. Let it blow, don’t be afraid. He will watch over my life. He will watch over me day and night, coming and going.

Let it blow,” For he who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. He is my refuge and my God in whom I trust. He will cover me with his feathers and under his wings (in his care) I will find refuge (protection). His faithfulness, allow me to repeat that, his faithfulness will be my shield and my shelter.” Let it blow.

God is the holder of the universe and all that is within it. Let us praise his holy name and not our issue. He is the Creator who controls the creation. Take heart and put all your trust in him, and let it blow. Do not be afraid. Be encouraged in the Lord.

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