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Meditation of the Heart

Be assured in the word of God that you are on the right track. What is it that you ponder or question in your heart? Know that in the strength of God you are able to overcome any and all things that stand to hinder your relationship with him. There then, lies a concern of the heart. It is found in Ecclesiastes 12: 13 & 14…”Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter (In all things, this is what is most important): Fear God and keep his commandments, (Do the right thing please), For this is man’s all (This is what we should do, our purpose). For God will bring every work into judgment, Including every secret thing. Whether good or evil.” What a word from God and of God!

We are the called. We are called to bless and worship the one true and living God. It is for such a word of God that a spiritual checkup is due. For one who loved us before we loved him, how are we doing as we receive and walk in the Word of Truth. Daily, in all that we do, we must continue to strive to always give God the glory in all things. In all things, those we reveal and make known and those things that we hold unto ourselves. It is in those things that we choose not to reveal, we must know that our God knows all things. More so, he knows our heart, he will not be deceived nor distracted. So, there is nothing that we can hide from him, as we duck and dodge man. God is always there.

Let us be true to ourselves so that we may be true to others. In that, we are being true to God. The way of truth and light leads us out of lies and darkness. Allow God to empty out those places and people of clutter in our lives. Allow him to remove the hindrances so that room can be made for more of him and the gifts that he has for us. The gift that God has is one of peace and joy, of comfort and protection, of strength and health, of love, mercy and grace. Allow God to replace the junk with his spirit of newness, freshness and purpose.

Truths. John 14:6 says “Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Are the truths that we are living of God? Are they God’s truths or our compromise? Do we really believe in Jesus and desire the end that he has prepared for us? Are we truly working towards this end…are we faithful? Can God depend on us to be willing and available? Can he?

It’s a good day to consider our destiny! Where are we going and how are we going to get there? It’s a journey, and today is a excellent day to consider…a new way…a new life…fully committed…to the Lord our God!

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