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Meditation of the Heart

Let us Pray…Lord, you are the Father, and, I am your child. I’m grateful for the relationship that we share. I thank you for sharing your path that you have and continue to instill in me. It is one in which the victory is won daily.

Thank you for directing, for ordering my steps. Where would I be without you…as I think on the many times that I have fallen short of will and your way? You have taught me to be steadfast and unmovable. You have taught me to get up when I fall. You have taught me of your love, mercy and your unfailing grace. It is you who makes me strong.

Now, Father, I need you…I need your peace, your comfort, and your mighty right hand in my life. It is my desire to always be pleasing to you. Teach me, Father, teach me. Here I am. Teach me. Amen.

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