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Meditation of the Heart

Let us know that Jesus did not heal, deliver and restore as a means to entertain the heart of man. But, he performed these divine works to change the heart of man. He came not to entertain with wonders and miracles to enchant the temporal, ever-changing desires of the flesh…but he came to serve so that we would learn of the everlasting unchanging love of one who would offer us the way to eternal life. We are called to seek him while he can still be found. We are called to seek him for he is our Savior, our Redeemer, Our Lord. He is the one who makes us complete, who fills the void of the heart.

It is in Jesus that we learn…we have all that we need. For in him, we no longer seek to be fascinated but to be enriched. Enriched with hope, a hope that can only be fulfilled in Jesus Christ. We learn him to be the value, the importance of life. It is in Jesus that we learn the significance of building up and not be focused in tearing down the hearts and confidence of others. As we keep our eyes on Jesus, let us look also to the faithful around us. It is here that we are able to sharpen, to encourage each other in the power and authority of Jesus Christ.

God has promised to be faithful to us and he is. He promises to love us, to stay near to us and to never forget us. The word tells me that he is one who cannot lie. He is the truth that we can depend on. He promises to forgive us and he has come to save us. This is no magic but it is the divine pleasure of the Lord Almighty.

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