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Meditation of the Heart

I come before you, Father God, requesting more of you. Lord, give me more of you, of your patience, of your love, of your tolerance and of you care. In all that I do, help me to be a help to others as unto you. Help me to be helpful, genuine and kind while maintaining purpose. Help me, Father, to be a comfort and not one who would add to the burden. Help me to speak tender words in a gentle tone to encourage and build up the troubled in heart, the weary in spirit, the wounded in battle. I pray not to ever be the one who would tear down, to add to the misery of another. Father, help me to be the one who offers positive options, to not be the one to get stuck in the problem, complaining and blaming, making excuses and accusations, creating more obstacles to conquer. As I encounter those who are grasping for answers, for relief…Father, I need you like never before…help me to be slow to speak and quick to listen. Bridle my tongue from opinion and guide it to compassion.

Though things may appear to be falling all around me…help me to not fall but to stand in your word and on your promises…in your strength and faithfulness. Help me to continue to trust in you, to allow you to lead me and guide me according to your perfect way. Now Father, still me in your presence. I will forever praise and worship your holy and righteous name.

Now, I thank you in advance for creating in me a new heart, a renewing and true spirit, a sincere desire to be pleasing to you. Oh, Lord My God, as I seek more of you. Amen.

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