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Meditation of the Heart

1 Thessalonians 5:16 – 18 says “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

My sisters and my brothers, this tells me that we should always be thankful to God. And yes, we can do this, it’s not impossible. But there’s one catch, our focus must be on him and not on ourselves. (Ouch).

As we look to the cross…It is the grace of God that allows us to count our blessings. It is his grace that enables us to know the source of our blessings…those purchased in the live, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Oh, give thanks unto the Lord for he is so good. Let us praise and worship his holy name from the rising of the sun to the going down of the same, let us praise him. He is so worthy of all the glory and honor. I’m so grateful today that I don’t serve a god that I can hold in my hands. I serve a true and living God who holds my hand, he’s one who holds me in his mighty right hand. I’m so glad that I don’t serve a god of the sun, wind nor rain. My God is able to speak peace when the heat from the sun becomes unbearable, he is able to calm the wind when it rages against me and he will stop the rain before it destroys me. For you see, these are but elements of his creation and they are subject to change; but My God remains the same. He’s the same today, as he was yesterday and will be on tomorrow.

I’m so grateful for the fact that I don’t serve man; the word of God tells me that he doesn’t deserve my trust or hope. He will fail me. But My God, the true and living God; promises to keep his word and has proven to be faithful to me even when I was and am not faithful to him. Man holds grudges but My God, he forgives. My God is my hope; he’s everything to me. And for that, I’m eternally grateful.

I thank God for he’s my strong tower, he’s brought me from a mighty long way, he’s been by my side when others have turned away, he’s been good to me. I thank God for he loved me first, not because of anything that I’ve done, but just because He’s God.

I’m so glad that I was not purchased, bought with a price that had been stamped on my head, with the weight of silver or gold…but I was redeemed with the blood of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…which makes me priceless. Oh, I’m so thankful.

I’m grateful…for My God…My Savior Jesus Christ…and for the Holy Spirit that dwells within to comfort, lead and encourage me. So come what may against me, I shall not fear for I walk in the hope and wisdom of a living God…Lord My God…I’m grateful. May the peace of God be with you as you rejoice in the Lord. Amen!

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