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Meditation of the Heart

There is truly no one greater than my Father. For he and he alone has put surety in my life. For ‘surely’ it was he, my God, who has picked me up, turned me around and placed my feet on a solid foundation. It is a foundation that is rooted in his everlasting love, mercy and grace. It is a foundation that is grounded in his word. It is a word that cuts like a double edge sword that speaks to the issues of my soul. It is the restoration of my mind, body and soul that I am so grateful for today. For surely, I love you, Lord, for you heard my cry. It was you who delivered me from my groan. It is you who brings me joy. I can say beyond a doubt that each day I live I experience new joy in you.

I can only imagine! As I walk down the street, I see a man without legs. I see your love for me. As I look out the window, I see a blind man. I see the mercy that you have bestowed upon me. As I open my mouth and praise you, I realize that there are many who cannot speak. I see you rejoicing in the worshipper in me. As I drive to my favorite dining spot, I am reminded that there is a child today who may not have a meal to eat. I rejoice in your grace. As I study your word, I am reminded that there are many who have a double and depraved mind. Oh yes; I can only image where I would be if it were not for you Lord.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God has kept me if only for one reason; to be a witness as to his goodness. I am here to stand and to proclaim that he is a living and an able God. For you see, it was not that long ago that I was blind to the word of God, I chose not to see. I walked contrary to the way of the Lord for I chose not to be led. I thought only of those things of the world for I chose to not be a witness for him. But God chose to love me in spite of it all. At that moment, as I was sinking deep in my sin, God reached down and got me. He lifted me to the peaceful shore and it was that lifting that has kept me with him. When nothing else would do…love lifted me.

It was a much greater love that Jesus shared as he journeyed to the cross. He taught his disciples of him that they may go out and spread the word of his salvation. He proved himself to be selfless. He proved himself to be the master over the land and the sea. He proved himself to be more powerful than any man or beast. He proved himself to be a doctor who never lost a patient. He proved himself to be a mind regulator. He proved himself to be a giver of peace. Then he looked to man and proved himself a Savior. He is the Savior of mankind who promises to come again in the twinkling of the eye to redeem us once more. He promises that we will never return to be the person we were if we but look upon his face. He promises that he will wipe away our every tear on that great day. If only we will patiently wait to see him.

Yet while we wait, we are called to live each day as if it was our last. As I wait I am no stranger to the sunshine or the rain. I have learned that in God whatever the case, I will experience gain. Life often reminds me of the valley of dry bones. In those moments, I have only to allow God to blow his breath of life over me. In an instant, my life comes together with newness. I can only image what lies before me. I think on John as he was given the revelation of the last days. He was at awe of the coming of the King. He saw the coming of the lamb that was slain for you and for me. Oh what an awesome sight it was to see. Jesus coming back as he promised for you and for me.

When the fullness of time has come, we will all rejoice. But until that day, we will live for the Lord. We will await his calling of our name. Lord, I know that as I journey, you are there. For you see, I have a new faith, a new glory and it lies in you. My source of strength, my source of hope is in Christ the Lord. I will not be distracted. I will not be deterred for the spirit of the Lord is upon me. I will not be downcast or depressed for I am called to be a witness to man of your goodness. For those who could not speak, they will now speak with boldness and power. Those who could not walk with now leap with joy for you are the deliverer. Those who were blind will now see for the veil has been removed from their eyes. With and in you, all things are possible.

Holy Spirit, I thank you for your peace that surpasses all understanding. Satan has no authority over the children of God. For this alone, you deserve our praise. I am grateful for all things. I know how I felt when you wrapped your arms around me. You protected me. You watched over me. You healed me. You delivered me from all danger. You keep me. When my old man attempts to overtake the new; I have hidden your word in my heart that I will not sin against you. Lord, I will bless your name.

I have been selected by God to do great things. And, so have you. Amen. Be blessed in the Lord.

Author Gavis Mosley…”Water for Dry Places.”

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