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Meditation of the Heart

Know that the Lord our God is strong in battle. Each and every day, he goes before us like a mighty wind clearing our path according to his will and his way. He knows our strengths and our weaknesses. It is he who keeps us balanced as we go forth. He keeps us humble when we need to be reminded that we are nothing in and of ourselves and then he encourages us to know that all things are possible in and through him. It is in him, through our relationship with him, and through our faith and hope in him that we receive his power.

God desires that we soar with the eagles…that we not faint (give up) or be weary (tired)…but that we seek him to fortify us as we come and as we go. God is calling us unto him for he and he alone is the one true, living God. He encourages us to seek his face, his kingdom for all things…he will never fail us. He will do everything but fail; it’s impossible for his people to fail. We may fall but we will not ultimately fail for he is a loving and caring God. It is in him that we have the victory.

We are encouraged to not seek nor put neither our trust nor our hope in anything nor anyone other than God. For is we do, we are destined to be miserably, I say miserably destroyed.

Celebrate the Creator not his creations. I encourage you to develop and/or continue to enhance, strengthen your relationship with God. He is our hope and our stronghold. Who is like the Lord? I challenge you to step aside, to get out of the way…and allow God to direct your path. Again, I ask “Who is like the Lord”?

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