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Meditation of the Heart

Who does God have to ask for permission to do anything that he purposes to do or allows to be done? Who? It is often, in our times of test and trial, that we may be guilty of questioning the way of the Lord. We may question why he is allowing such a thing, or what is his purpose, or even how is it going to end, or even when did this thing begin? We find ourselves being uncomfortable in our skin, irritated emotionally that we feel irritated for we think that “we should be bigger or better than this” in which we are experiencing. We become tired physically because we have tried all that we know to do. We become worn mentally because we are simply tired of thinking about this thing. Every turn we make, it just keeps on showing up! It is beginning to cause us ISSUES!

Well, as natural a response that this may be…let us know that it is now that we are called to be extraordinary. It is time that we open our spiritual eyes so that we can see the Lord. Let us know that regardless of what we may be going through…God is still on the thrown; he is in control and he’s working things out for us, for our good. It is for such a time as this, when we can’t see our way that we are called to remember the Lord our God. (Truly, he has not forgotten about us.) Remember the mighty and wonderful works of his hand in our life. He’s the same God. Our situation may be going through a period of adjustment but God is not. Praises to his holy name! He remains the same forever more.

It is now the time to encourage ourselves in the word of God. Isaiah 26: 3 &4 speaks to our heart…”You (God) will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal.” We must trust God. We must keep the faith. Focus on those things that we know to be true. We are but stewards of his magnificent bounty. And, he will not allow it or us be consumed. He’s righteous, he’s true and he’s a holy God. Who is like the Lord?

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