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Meditation of the Heart

The word of God cautions us to not be wise in our own eyes but to consider him in all things. Know that true knowledge and wisdom come from God. Our minds are limited in comprehension and capacity. What seems wise to one man may be foolish to another, but in God; all things come together in understanding and purpose. God opens/touches our minds. He allows us to consider, to interpret beyond that which we are capable on our own. More so, he allows us to see that the world does not evolve around us and the desires of our flesh, but that when we place him as the center of our lives; it is then that we are able to understand the importance of life. It is then that we give him the glory; we become grateful for him and his mighty works.

Know that we are not as smart as we thing we are or ever as smart as we would like to be. We will not be right all the time. We must learn to be teachable/ to be quiet /silent so that we may learn. Know that God is wise in all things and it is he who allows us to understand as we do. Let us be encouraged to humble ourselves before him. Let us be still before him, quiet…so that we may hear from him. Allow him to be the mighty professor of your life.

The man who allows God to order his steps/ show him the way…is wise and he knows God as faithful. He realizes that he is living under the awesome power and authority, under the grace of God. Let us consider all that the Lord our God is to us. Let us be grateful. Let us praise his holy and righteous name.

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