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Meditation of the Heart

The Lord my God is my hiding place and it is in him that I will find rest.

Lord, I thank you for being my God. As I meditate on who you are…words cannot justly describe you. As I think of your glory, it cannot be contained. You are mighty in wisdom, power and authority over all the earth and everything within it. You are my God. You rule with your mighty right hand. Your love and mercy pours down upon me ever so graciously. I bless your holy and righteous name.

Father, I thank you for yet another day…a new beginning in you. I thank you for the love and protection that you make available to me, keeping me safe from hurt, harm and danger. I thank you for doing the same for my loves ones, my friends and even for my enemies Lord, I thank you. I pray that those who have not yet received you, would this day come into the knowledge of you. I pray that they too would come to believe in Jesus, your son, who came so that we may all enjoy eternal life, an abundant life, a glorious life in you.

Lord, I thank you for in you there are no limits, no boundaries. You are ever so worthy of praise. I thank you for being my strong tower, my refuge, my Savior and my friend. In you, I have everything that I could ever image. And, I am grateful.

Lord, I thank you for your cleansing power, your authority over the enemy. Your word teaches me that you reign over the evil spirits of this world so that I may not be consumed. Mark 1: 21 – 28 speaks to your power and love for us that you have only to speak to cleanse us and make us pure before you. Verses 25 -26, “Be quiet!”, said Jesus sternly, “Come out of him!” The impure spirit shook the man violently and came out of him with a shriek (a scream). I thank you for the spirit of the evil one is under the authority of your word, even he is called to obey you. It is your word that keeps us free of the bondage of the desires of the flesh…keeps our minds free of evil spirits and thoughts…keeps our heart clean and unblemished. Just as your spoke to the evil spirits of this man, so you will do for us today. You will make our hearts and mind pure for your service.

As we journey in you…Lord refresh us. Help us to know that we need to still away to a quiet place where we may hear from you. As we are refreshed, encouraged in you…we are able to receive new direction and vision. Being still before you allow us to be encouraged…to be restored…to receive revelation, your strength, your instruction, comfort, rest and protection. It is all here, in this solitary place, of prayer.

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